Flux XV Gold Medal (2021)

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Transfer Series
Created with power transfer as its number one priority, this binding series provides unbeatable performance during carving and ollying.

FLUX TAKES GREAT PRIDE IN EQUIPPING ALL NEW MODELS WITH THE NEWEST TECHNOLOGY. We developed a highback dedicated specifically for the XV in order to achieve ultimate performance. Experience a ride like no other.

Colorways: Gold Medal 
Stiffness: 10
Lightness: 10




- W-Prop Highback (NEW): Two rods run down the back to improve highback torsion performance and support. A slide cushion on the upper-inside portion maintains a degree of freedom within the boots, offering the high level of response, support, and freedom required for carving.

- Redux Lean Adjuster (NEW): Lightweight thanks to its smaller size. Adjusts easily with a single motion.

- Material of the Highback: Super Carbon Blend. 

- Micro Adjuster: Adjust forward lean in 2.5-degree increments with each click for even finer high back settings.


- Transfer: Offers unmatched power transfer and direct response with an ultra-lightweight design.

- Material of the baseplate: Super Carbon Blend.

- Titanium Screw

- Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion: A movable cushion that can be adjusted to suit the boot size and board width.

- FooTon: Made from materials that offer resistance to snow buildup even in the harshest of conditions. Gives a more direct board feel with all the cushion you need.


- Waffle Strap: Waffle-shaped cushioning provides ample hold and unparalleled comfort, and the two-layer construction offers direct power transfer.

- Beer Buckle: Newly engineered buckles give you more leverage when cranking down on the straps, allowing you to get to the last click with minimal effort. Features a bottle opener for that well-earned drink.

- L-Guide: Easily stows ratchet straps.

- F.T.M Ver.5.0: The middle of the strap uses a more rigid material for increased power transfer, with top and bottom ends using a more flexible material for a better boot fit. Exclusively for use with the Transfer base.

- UU Fit: The strap system that provides a 360-degree hold, providing a natural hugging feeling and uniform pressure. 



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