Flux GS Black (2021)

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Quick Overview

Women’s Series 
Sizing and performance designed specifically for women riders. Compact and lightweight supporting rider movement.

The revamped GS continues to boast unwavering popularity. Includes a dedicated high back to support flawless riding. An all-around model, with improved ease of handling on any terrain.

Colorways: Botanical Orange, White, Black, Team  
Stiffness: 6
Lightness: 8




- Women’s Ultima Wing: Moderately sized providing solid support, giving the rider quick response during ollies and a sense of security when landing.

- Women's Resistor: Resistor for women, developed with emphasis on ease of handling and balance in any condition. Combining both stability and freedom for high-speed boarding.

- Micro Adjuster: Adjust forward lean in 2.5-degree increments with each click for even finer high back settings.


- Vogue: Designed and developed exclusively for women. Offers a more natural flex for all leg strengths.

- Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion: A movable cushion that can be adjusted to suit the boot size and board width.

- FooTon: Made from materials that offer resistance to snow buildup even in the harshest of conditions. Gives a more direct board feel with all the cushion you need.

- Performance Blend

- Toolless Lever: Find your optimum settings without any tools. The stopper prevents any screws coming loose.


 - Waffle Strap: Waffle-shaped cushioning provides ample hold and unparalleled comfort, and the two-layer construction offers direct power transfer.

- Beer Buckle: Newly engineered buckles give you more leverage when cranking down on the straps, allowing you to get to the last click with minimal effort. Features a bottle opener for that well-earned drink.

- L-Guide: Easily stows ratchet straps.

- F.T.M Versa: Versatile use as a toe strap or foot wrap for any style of riding. Uses a flexible material designed to fit any boot on the market.

- UU Fit: The strap system that provides a 360-degree hold, providing a natural hugging feeling and uniform pressure. 



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