Academy Range 2018/19 now online


The new Academy Snowboard range 2018/19 is now online! The range consists of four boards which are shortly presented:

Propaganda: Best Park Board Ever, Period. Flat Camber that pops. Never washed-up because you won't wash out. Cost effective.

Propacamba: Butter in the park and pop in the streets without breaking your board. This micro camber is playful, but responsive. Priced right ollie machine.

Graduate Series: "I designed The Graduate Series with the idea of building a board that will ride everything. Jumps, lines, pow and pipe. The camber profile with early rise nose allows you to generate speed quickly, hold an edge and turn on a dime. It has an agressive profile and flex that gives you complete control over this snowboard when you ride and thats what I love about it." - Chad O.

Team Series: High Performance Directional Twin developed by our team riders for advanced shredders who want to rip the whole mountain.

Detailed information about the board range can be found here.

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