Flux Bindings 2018 online


Flux Bindings has been producing hgh quality bindings since 1992 and is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year. Now and forever, our commit to quality, fit, comfort, performance and service will remain unmatched. It's promised with Flux.

The bindings are divided into the following base types:

Transfer Series

The base was designed with a focus on response and provides a direct connection between the rider and their snowboard.

Flat Rocker Series

This base is focues on providing a more natural, forgiving snowboard flex under your feet.

Basic Series

The workhorse basic base has everything you need and is guaranteed to get the job done.

Women's Series

Designed with the ladies in mind, theses bases are narrower, shorter and offer a softer flex.

All 2018 bindings are shown here.

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